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Indie 69 Best Of 2012 AND Jan 2013 Playlists Out Now

December 30, 2012 2 comments

Indie_69_Jan_2013Here it is, finally. I know I said in the NFO for the Jan playlist that the blog is dead (for now), but I figured what the heck. I might as well pop back in.

I’ll make this brief…

There are two playlists available now (and a few I have not blogged about) that are pretty new. Jan was released yesterday and Best Of 2012 was released a few days ago. I think the Best Of 2012 is the best playlist I’ve done, but that’s not my work… it is due to the amazing tracks that came out this year, even though it was not a great year for me personally. A lot of this music really saved me, lifted my mood right when I needed it. So here they are….

Indie69 Best Of 2012 Playlist can be had HERE.

Indie69 Jan 2013 Playlist can be  had  HERE.

Enjoy and I’ll see you in Feb for my 4 year anniversary playlist.

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Indie69 Best of 2010 Finally available

January 26, 2011 5 comments

Indie 69 Best of 2010 sucky cover artYep, it finally actually happened. After a long, long struggle. Or rather various struggles including massive computer and data loss. I have never, ever lost so much in such a short period of time. But that’s over for the most part. On top of it all I suffered what must have been a cross between the swine flu and ebola, which I am (mostly) over now. I pulled myself out of what can best be described as a stupor and got this thing done. Excuses and complaints are now over.

All that said and done, it was a great year again for music. This is a list not of what was successful or popular, but what “stuck out” for me as a listener. What never left my mp3 players. Or my head. All year. Old favorites released new music and a few new surprises and new favorites emerged.  I hope you get as much out of these selections as I did.

You can find the playlist at all the usual places and HERE.

Enjoy! And watch for the January, 2011 playlist late and .. well.. when it comes out.

You can find all my thanks and further notes in the playlist’s NFO file, which you can read with notepad or any plain text editor.

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Please note that although I think this month’s cover is “sucky”, the original photo is very much not sucky. I’m just getting the hang of using gimpshop instead of photoshop.  On a related note, this is the first month I have used ALL open source tools to create the playlist. (exceptions: operating system and utorrent for seeding) Soon I hope to have no exceptions.

And I will build my empire of free under Vesuvius.. (An open letter to 2010)

December 15, 2009 Leave a comment


Walking on a monster.

2009, you were quite a year. I loved you, you frightened me. And no matter how many times you hit me with some new surprise, some new fear, some new reason to stay inside and avoid people, I kept coming back. It was an unhealthy relationship. But this post is not for you. Nothing personal, I’ve just moved on. Knowing you, the pain will pass quickly and you will move on. That seemed to be your M.O. anyway.

2010, I have some questions for you and some demands. I know it’s a little early for demands, we’ve only just met. I feel tentative but full of promise, not unlike the vibe I get from you. But I have real concerns. You know this Internet thing? Yeah, still here in spite of everyone wanting to turn it into a one-way medium like TV. Read more…

Has It really been almost a year? Already?

December 12, 2009 Leave a comment

(text originally from the nfo file in the Best 100 of 2009 playlist torrent , which can be found HERE.. and about 100 other places)

First of all I want to say a huge thank you to all of YOU for downloading the monthly playlists and giving me all kinds of feedback from great to constructive to negative. It’s ALL appreciated. And secondly, yet no less importantly, to the others who do playlists. Blalock, Dahkradha, Joydue,everyone!! I look to you for guidance, inspiration and yes sometimes ideas as well as music I missed in the previous months. I could not do it and would not do it without you. Read more…

William Doyle – Born In the USB (review and download)

December 10, 2009 Leave a comment

William Doyle-Born in the USB

William Doyle - Born In The USB

William Doyle has been hiding. Or so it would seem. Back at the beginning of 2009, when I was desperately grasping at torrents to find new tracks for the second ever Indie69 playlist (March, 2009), I came across this album quite by accident on TPB. The fact that the artist himself uploaded it made me warm and fuzzy and I must admit a bit apprehensive, considering my past experiences with such exploits. Many of the albums I’ve downloaded like that have been interesting but ultimately un-fulfilling and disappointments overall. But when the first swells of that distortion loop and distant jangly guitar began, I knew instantly I was in for a different experience. Then the voice kicked in, reminding me at first of a few brit-wannabees I’ve seen locally,then the acoustic kicked in and the harmonies started.  “lookin’ for the truth until it struck me blind” Both fresh and a bit “newbie-ish”, the harmonies were beautiful no matter.  The track started small, got remarkably huge and then faded beautifully back into a backward guitar, followed by a sampled percussion track that lead right into the next one.  I was astonished. Where did this guy come from? Read more…

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