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William Doyle – Born In the USB (review and download)

William Doyle-Born in the USB

William Doyle - Born In The USB

William Doyle has been hiding. Or so it would seem. Back at the beginning of 2009, when I was desperately grasping at torrents to find new tracks for the second ever Indie69 playlist (March, 2009), I came across this album quite by accident on TPB. The fact that the artist himself uploaded it made me warm and fuzzy and I must admit a bit apprehensive, considering my past experiences with such exploits. Many of the albums I’ve downloaded like that have been interesting but ultimately un-fulfilling and disappointments overall. But when the first swells of that distortion loop and distant jangly guitar began, I knew instantly I was in for a different experience. Then the voice kicked in, reminding me at first of a few brit-wannabees I’ve seen locally,then the acoustic kicked in and the harmonies started.  “lookin’ for the truth until it struck me blind” Both fresh and a bit “newbie-ish”, the harmonies were beautiful no matter.  The track started small, got remarkably huge and then faded beautifully back into a backward guitar, followed by a sampled percussion track that lead right into the next one.  I was astonished. Where did this guy come from?

Each track revealed something different, a new talent that just should not reside in the brain of a 19 year old, at least not with such development and assured confidence. (he was probably 18 at the time, actually) I could hear real echoes of everything from jangling 60s britpop to The Charlatans, shades of The Smiths, bits of Scott Walker dark romanticism, The Flaming Lips’ strumming spaciness and the experimental, free home-made feel of a hundred “basement” artists. But that doesn’t mean this release doesn’t “sound” good, quality-wise. It does, and it shouldn’t. Since my first few hundred listens, I have learned that this is not his first release. He’s most likely been experimenting in obscurity and saving it all up for this album.  This isn’t to say that you’ll feel exactly like I do about this release, but it’s one of those albums that will get under your skin after a few listens. It’s a grower. It’s also my pick for best album of 2009. Spread the word on this artist, his work has been criminally under-exposed considering the pure creative talent exploding out of every track.

I have huge hopes for this artist and my guess is that his new project, Doyle and the Fourfathers , and the demos posted there are very promising of a bright future.

You can find Born In The USB on most major torrent sites, including here:


If you love that, I’m sure William will eventually have a way for you to get a hard copy of it.

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