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New: Lying Mouth (free mp3)

May 30, 2011 1 comment

Lying Mouth

Lying Mouth

Every once in a while, I’ll have a “down day” like I was having today. I decided to get some sunshine and head outside to work on this month’s playlist (coming along nicely, down to 100 more tracks to sort through now) to see if it’d help with my mood. ( I love netbooks ) It did, a little. But then I watched a new Tweet come through from @DT4F (Doyle and the Fourfathers), letting me know that William Doyle had sent me an e-mail. I jumped on to my gmail immediately to find 2 tracks that would have been a 2010/2011  solo project under the moniker “Lying Mouth” waiting for me to download. This improved my mood significantly, until I heard them…..

And my mood skyrocketed into the ionosphere, just as the sun finally made its way through the clouds. These are magnificent tracks. I love Doyle And The Fourfathers’ stuff, but I was a fan of William Doyle’s music long before the band existed. I look forward to any music from William, solo or otherwise.  He gave me permission to release them, and I am doing so here as well as on the June playlist. I think you’ll like them too, as they are vocal heavy and walk that fine line between the future and nostalgia without crossing back over into “I remember when” territory. Great songs, too. I hope we hear more from this project someday (Total Strife Forever?) , as long as it doesn’t cut into the wonderful output of DT4F.  So here they are…





Keep your eyes open for the June Playlist. I hope to get it done this evening. You’ll know it’s close when my Twitter icon changes and the bugs come out to play.

(and watch for 2 torrents this time, to make it easier for people to get the initial 69 tracks by separating the extras, which are getting out of hand and making the torrents HUGE. I am tentatively calling the extras torrents “INDIE69 – Tasty Leftovers – Month Year”)


6.9 Questions With William Doyle of Doyle and The Fourfathers

March 21, 2011 Leave a comment

question mark on a lampI’m proud to introduce a new feature I hope to present often in the future,


6.9* Questions.

It’s a short artist, producer or curator interview conducted via e-mail that can either be 6.9 questions answered through a single e-mail exchange or more conversationally through several exchanges, 1 question at a time.  I’m having fun with it so far, I hope it’s entertaining and/or informative for you, the reader. I’m also proud that my first interview is with one of my favorite artists, William Doyle. He agreed to the conversational style, thankfully, and here it is…be gentle this is my first.

William Doyle is lead vocalist, songwriter (in his band, along with Ben Clarke-multi-instrumentalist, Michael Goozee-Bass, and Alex Urch-Drums-Percussion), and guitarist/keyboardist.  Doyle and the Fourfathers are from Southampton and were formed some time after William’s debut solo work, Born In The USB (my pick for album of the year in 2009). The band’s debut full album release, “Man Made”, was released on Feb 28, 2011 and can be had by mail through Rough Trade(CD or Vinyl) or digitally through 7DigitaliTunes,  and Amazon (and soon eMusic). They are touring starting at the end of March, supporting The Undertones through the month of April, followed by some summer festival gigs. Find more info on the tour dates here by clicking “gigs”.


Indie69 – As you know already, I was a big fan of your first release, “Born In The USB“. Looking back at that time, do you recall your expectations for the direction of your music career and musical style being similar to what they are now? Or did you see something different for yourself back then?

Read more…

Doyle and The FourFathers – New Single and free track!

September 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Anglophiles rejoice! One of my favorites for a while now, Doyle and the FourFathers, have released a new version of their great track “Governor of Giving Up”, along with another new track that honestly is just as good for your free downloading pleasure. You can stream (320 kbps stream) the new version of Governor at their Facebook page.  Physically(and virtually), the single will be available for purchase on Oct 4th in CD single, 7″ and digital download(pre-order it!). I should honestly dust off the turntable and grab the vinyl! I think it would sound great that way. Like it belongs in that format. No, I’ll grab both! The free download, “Please send my Regards” is just another example of their constant growth as songwriters and performers.  I already adored the demo version. And this new version of Governor is a huge improvement of what was already a stand-out track.  Once again, Doyle and the FourFathers will dominate my mp3 player. The strings in the middle section, the vibrato guitar, all so much better than the original. Even the vocals are stronger. It’s not just a better recording, it’s a better performance.  It sounds fantastic. Normally I avoid not making the tracks I’m sent available for direct downloading here, but this is SO good, I’m sending you to the band’s site at their request. When you enter your e-mail, you’ll be able to get the track AND they’ll let you know when new tracks and other DT4F stuff is available. A more than fair exchange. Don’t worry, they won’t spam you.

These guys are golden, watch ’em closely.

Go grab “Please send my Regards” at immediately.

You can also stream some of their music on MySpace and you can follow them if you’re on the Twitter.

Doyle And The FourFathers – Self-Titled Debut EP – artist-approved torrent.

April 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Doyle and the FourFathers

Doyle and the FourFathers - debut EP cover

Back when I first started doing the Indie69 playlist, toward the beginning of 2009, I stumbled on William Doyle’s debut album on TPB, noticed it was uploaded by the artist himself and was curious enough to grab it to give it a listen. I was blown away by the maturity and creative accomplishment of such a young, unknown artist. The album ended up being my number one favorite of 2009, and for good reason. Not JUST because it was an accomplishment for such a young, new artist, but on its own terms and standing against everything else I’d heard that year. It simply refused to get old. In fact, it grew on me even more over the months and still isn’t skipped when it’s tracks pop up on random shuffle. I still listen to it front to back about once a month. “How could the rest of the world not realize the genius of this slightly off-kilter and transcendent, DIY-sounding epic?”, I asked myself aloud, in public places. (that’s just how this cracker crumbles) I had to do everything I could to help it reach more ears. I did my best, or near it. I hope in some way I was able to help William’s potential audience find him.

Here we are in 2010 and William has found himself a real, honest to goodness band. And it’s very different sounding from his solo work, but I must say much better in many ways. It’s a departure, but it’s a winning one. The first track that hit me from this debut EP was “What Else Are We To Do” which was immediately catchy as hell and a near-perfect evocation of an era long gone in British pop music while still managing to sound fresh and new. The other tracks did not disappoint, and I found them holding the same esteem his previous work held in my MP3 player’s environment. Never skipped, often played back to front. Sometimes twice in a row. The man and his band can write, arrange, record and perform with the best of them and they’ve far surpassed any help I could possibly give them in regard to exposure. Watch out, world. Doyle and the FourFathers could be the next thing.. if not the next big thing, very soon.

William thankfully granted quick permission to post this new EP and its great extras, including demos, an origami album cover, photos, lyrics and a radio segment from 6Music featuring them back in August of this year. And I must say I love some of them demos as much as the main EP tracks.

So I have the honor of presenting to you the self-titled debut of Doyle and The FourFathers. Enjoy it and pass it around. And as always, seed the hell out of it.

All tracks 320kbps except radio segment, which is 128. Back and front covers included, as well as photos, lyrics and a printable, Origami cover.

GRAB IT HERE or look for it at any of your favorite public torrent haunts.

Oh, and this baby needs seeds. So seed hard and seed long.



Mid-Month Update (sorta) Plus mp3

April 18, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s a bit late, but you know how those things go, us being close and all. We’re just like that.

Busy, odd couple of weeks for me, on so many levels your frontal lobe would crack in two and send a jolt of random instability through the core of the space-time continuum if I told you half of it. (yep.. I’ve been watching the new series of Dr Who) Isn’t Matt Smith the perfect Doctor? The new series is a blast. Loved the last few series, but this one is a winner. In spite of the slightly wonky new theme music. Anyway, on to the other stuff. There’s a new artist-approved torrent on the way. My bandwidth is a bit wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey at the moment, so I’m waiting another day to drop that on the world. It’s important to seed, but it’s nearly as important to seed WELL. Especially at first. So that should be happening tomorrow.

The May playlist is coming along well, about halfway there, which is about right. Tons of new sources this month, so that means more to go through and I think what may be the best one I’ve put together as far as quality consistency goes. Not sure what will be different this month, but I’m feeling like making some changes. It’s like an itch or something. Maybe it’s just that things are going smoothly. With the playlist.Only.Period.

To whet your appetites for the torrent, here’s a sample. My Favorite of the Doyle and the FourFathers demos, all of which will be included in the torrent.

Doyle_And_The_FourFathers-Here_Comes_The_Dusk(Demo) (righty-clickey-savey-asey)

So enjoy and hello again after that little break I took. Lots of big, long, shiny, wordy and ranty posts already written and ready to go for the next week or so. Love ’em, hate ’em. As long as you read them. Love you all, yes.. even YOU. I’m gonna go watch a movie in 3d or something. Not that fake, after the fact “release the Kraken” crap 3d either. Or maybe go outside. It’s going to be a lovely, sunny day here. You do something too. It’s for the best.

Until tomorrow, stop reading this and have a great day.

New Doyle And The Fourfathers track (free download)

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Doyle and the FourFathers

Doyle and the FourFathers

I was a weird little kid. I liked 60s brit-pop music, German electronic music from the 70s and prog. All those years of listening to that stuff made my ears keen to the disingenuous and the fake. When I first heard this track yesterday, I had no idea what I was in for. From the first note of the horn to the familiar bass line, tambourine hit and the *skick* of the guitar, I could feel where it was going and I was instantly in love with it. There’s a bit of early Scott Walker / Walker Brothers grandiose in the music and William Doyle has improved his voice significantly, adding power, some Pulp flourishes and a tiny smidgen of Robyn Hitchcock, post-adenoid-surgery.(William Doyle can now add “works well with others” to his resume, as this is a marked improvement) But most of all it has a sincere, mature pop sensibility that would make Burt Bacharach stand up and take notice. I didn’t for a second feel that discomfort I sometimes feel when I hear music that is blatantly nostalgic, like I’m eavesdropping on a hack magician while he sneaks into a master magician’s dressing room to steal his tricks. I had this track on repeat last night for about 30 minutes straight. Why? Maybe I thought there was a way to figure out how they had captured this insane magic they pulled off, but to no avail. This music is all their own. And while you can hear the influences, this is solid original songwriting and performance.  During that first listen, on headphones, I could visualize the studio of a French pop TV show from the 60s, complete with 60s hipster mod audience in the round, some sitting on the floor with a graying older host dressed to the beatnik nines. But don’t let that image fool you. This is NEW music and it sounds as new as it sounds classic.

So now get it yourself, give it a listen, fall in love and spread it! Blog it, share it and let them know what you think.. HERE

This is my first blog post with a downloadable mp3 since the upgrade and I’m so proud to have this track be the first. Thanks, William, for letting me give it away first.

Doyle_and_the_FourFathers-What_Else_Are_We_To_Do (Feb 2010) (right-click-save-as)

This should be the first of many mp3 posts, so keep your eyes open for more from other artists as well as hopefully another sample or two from Doyle and the Fourfathers.

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