UPDATE: Since I seem to always just miss people who come in to chat, I’ve set aside a time when I’ll be around every morning for a short time and once on the weekend for a longer period. But remember, if you stick around eventually someone else will pop in. That’s the only way we can make a little chat community. And if it’s just you, and someone else comes in, be a good host. Keep it clean (for the most part) and be helpful. Here are the times:

8:00 am Pacific Time, Weekdays. (short period)

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm Pacific Time, Sundays.

Those times I will be sitting there watching the screen, so you can be sure I’ll be there if you want to chat about anything at all. Details on how to get on below…


New Indie Music Chatroom now available 24/7. If you’d like to chat with me or chat with others about new music and whatever else is on your mind, please stop in and chat through the Java applet at Chat Solutions.

Once the applet is loaded, choose a nickname as instructed on the page. Once you’ve chosen a nickname,


/join #indie69

and that EXACT command as typed right there will take you to the indie69 channel. If you type it in any OTHER way, it will not work or you’ll find yourself in an empty channel called india69 or indiesixtynine or something weird like that.  If you leave out the “/” part, or add a space, or leave out a space, it will do nothing. So pay close attention.

If you already use an IRC client like *HydraIRC (free-open-source) or mIRC (shareware/30-day-evaluation), for the server use Chat Solutions. Type:

/server (exactly like that)

If you need help with nickserv once there, type /nickserv help And remember that’s nickserv not nickserve.

Hope you can stop by and chat sometime. If you just see me in the room, and I don’t answer, stick around for a while. Try again. But I cannot and will not be there 24/7.

RULES: Be nice, share, be helpful if you can and keep drama to a minimum whenever possible. Above all else, don’t take it too seriously and just treat people like you would in person.

*I use HydraIRC myself. Can be a pain in the ass to setup the first time so it takes you to a particular network and logs you in with your registered nickname from then on automagically (default profile), but once it’s setup it’s stable, fast and reliable. It’s open source as well and free. mIRC does have a very powerful and widely used scripting language, which is great. But just for general chat and file transfers, etc, Hydra is perfect and reliable.

  1. January 10, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    No one is there at all…
    set me up with something on this chat… thanks


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