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Indie69 June 2011 New Music Playlist now available

June 1, 2011 2 comments

Indie 69 June 2011 Cover art

The mantis quietly judges you.

Well, well. June has arrived. And change is in the air.

…So that’s what that smell is…

I’m going to do things this month a little bit differently. Instead of stuffing a few tracks left over into a folder, and because there are now usually SO MANY good tracks left after I’ve narrowed it all down, I’ve decided to do a second playlist every month featuring what I call the “Tasty Leftovers”.  These are not rejected tracks. These are the ones that I liked but for whatever reason just didn’t seem to fit. Or would have made the playlist just TOO huge. Since I started off about halfway through the month this time with (around) 400 tracks, and STILL didn’t catch up with 100% of the e-mail submissions alone (if you were left out and your track was great.. chances are I just have not heard it yet.. check next month), I decided that it’s just getting far too huge for a convenient download. I cannot imagine everyone wanting to download over a gig of music just from my playlist alone, every month. So now there’s a second playlist (watch for it here) to take care of what was left for the month that didn’t suck. The whole idea of all this is to help this music get heard, new music. And with so much of it being so good, it just seemed wrong to stuff it in a folder and forget about it.  And let’s face it, that’s what was happening. There are only so many hours in a day and so many days in a month. The “Tasty Leftovers” for this month number more than 100 tracks. It’s up to you if you want to grab both playlists or just the main one. If you dig the instrumentals and remixes, the extremely eclectic or bizarre.. you may find a few examples of that in the leftovers. But there are quite a few pop and rock tracks in there as well.

I must apologize, however, for not having the time to double-check for duplicates this time. I scanned over it and trusted my memory this month. I hope it served me well and did not fail all of you. But if it did, I hope it’s not too much trouble to delete a couple of dupes. But let’s get to the playlist now and I’ll save my babbling on for a little further down the page…

You can grab Indie69 June 2011 New Music Playlist HERE and at all of the usual places you find it.

I would also like to announce my official intention to move the site to a new host with more flexibility, even though I adore There are just a few tiny, specific reasons why I want to move to a new place. One of them is better community flexibility and more direct control over ways to submit music, as well as a specific interface I prefer at the new host. IF you are interested in guest blogging, let me know. I’m interested in finding music lovers who would like to post short reviews and mp3 downloads. Although I adore music criticism, I prefer to focus on what you DO like rather than posting articles about things you hear that you do not. I find very little value in being “warned” about bad music when so much of it is available for free. What’s the risk?? If I like a sample track, chances are I won’t HATE the album. And if I hate the sample track or single, why on earth would I buy the album? There’s no risk anymore which kind of takes the purpose of a lot of the criticism and flushes it right down along with things like Blockbuster stores and floppy drives. It’s still really enjoyable to read a well written review, and there are so many of those out there. But when things go negative these days, I tend to find myself wondering about things like motive and personal issues rather than the music. Is it just me? I’m not saying  “love everything you write about”, I AM saying “don’t write about music that you think is terrible”. There are exceptions, of course.  If something is so terrible that it becomes humorous or compelling in some other way, by all means write about it. I also ask that the focus be on new music or specific genre. If this all sounds fantastic and you’re okay with just getting a link and credit, get in touch at . I expect to start the move this month.

Coincidentally, May was this blog’s best month ever, stats-wise. That was nice to see.

I hope you love the playlist(s) this month. Keep in touch, I love the e-mails and submissions. You know where to find me now on Twitter and Facebook (personal profile coming soon, I think). And keep your eyes open for the “Tasty Leftovers”, expect to wait no more than a few days, if that long. Comment if you’d rather see it arrive halfway through the month instead.

..and remember, always.. SEED SEED SEED! (even the old stuff.. I just re-seeded all of the 2009-2010 playlists)

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Sasquatch! 2011 Playlist upped.

April 24, 2011 Leave a comment


Everybody Run!

I didn’t do this one, but it looks pretty good and has a TON of tracks.


I would have loved to have been there, and if you’re like me and couldn’t make it this year ( I heard it sold out) ,  this will give you a “nice” reminder of what you missed.


This features 350 tracks, it’s a big torrent. And rather than the usual 1 track from each act, there are multiple tracks from many. I have no idea if this is official in any way whatsoever. So it’s up to you. It’s also over 2 gigs, and so far only has one seed. But that will change soon as it’s being leeched heavily. It should not take too long to be well seeded.  (EDIT: as far as I know, these are not live tracks)


Get it HERE.   ..Enjoy. Just a heads up. (TPB link via tinyurl)


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New Playlists – A Few New Finds

March 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Just a quick post to let you all know I found a few new playlists and one I think I missed before while taking a break from going through the hundreds and HUNDREDS of tracks in the SXSW torrents(as well as hundreds more for the April playlist). Watch for that best of SXSW torrent soon. It won’t be called “Indie69’s Best of SXSW” since I’m not interested in calling attention to myself with this little side-project, I’m just interested in making it easier for people to find the great stuff swimming in that gigantic OCEAN of new music. Daunting project, but there are some great tracks in there. My hope is to simply make the process easier for you by eliminating the Holiday Inn sounding acts and the indecipherable oddities (not in a good way). Also eliminated are the Cookie Monster Metal, cookie-cutter screamo, band-of-the-moment sound-alikes and general *suckiness. When you get down to the meat of these torrents, there are some real decent finds. Again, I’m trying not to select tracks based on my personal tastes and instead on my instincts and ability to spot quality work. (meaning overall quality, not just sound quality which would preclude pretty much all low-fi an any genre with the word “wave” in it)Watch for that thing soon. I’m still not 100% on the need for it, but I’m going for it anyway just to see how many people grab it. No promises on when it’ll be done. Days perhaps. Before the April playlist for sure.

These playlists appear to be very dance-music heavy, so if you focus on that area of music, these might be nice for ya. These were all found at TPB. I’ll be looking around again elsewhere soon for other more obscure monthly compilations and playlists. Enjoy! If you like them be sure to come back and comment on the torrent pages to encourage these people to keep it up. I know from my own experience that these things take a lot of time and effort, and the encouragement is as nourishing as a home-cooked meal.

All 3 links are TinyURLs leading to TPB torrent pages.

Partyaids – You can grab their Feb playlist HERE. The torrent description describes the playlist as… “Hailing from Melbourne Australia, a small group of professional DJ’s and music enthusiasts spend their free time uploading killer content on . We scourer(sic) the internet and hit up Melbourne’s famous nightlife to find you the best tunes. It’s tough but someone’s gotta do it.  We published both unsigned and signed artists. You are bound to hear some completely new and mind blowing tracks. Nothing makes the party aids team happier than uncovering fresh new local and international artists. DO NOT FEAR IF YOU HEAR A FOREIGN SOUND IN YOUR EAR – It’s just refreshingly good music the radio and media have deprived you. ”  Sounds like a fun way to do it. 581.39MB and 63 tracks for the Feb playlist.

Muusika playlist – Musiaylist (LOL!!!) By HR. Janno – Now I’m not sure if it’s the bug that named his playlist a “Musiaylist”, the very same bug that did the same thing to mine a while back, or if it’s a kind of tribute or participation in the inside joke. Either way, I got a laugh out of it. Grab Vol 1  HERE . I only recognize a few artist on the list of tracks, which I find very interesting. Since so many of the artists have “DJ” before their names, I must assume this playlist is very dance music oriented as well. Hopefully there’s some good glitchy, technoey, or even 8-bit goodness in there. Could be good. 704.19MB and 150 tracks for Vol 1.

bazinga! Indie/rock playlist – Love the name, and it seems I recall it from my old monthly roundup posts. I’m too lazy to go back and check. In any case, this one seems to be a sort of grab-bag surprise playlist, as there is no file list in the description and the files are in a zip archive. So no way to tell what’s in there without downloading it. I’ll have to pass for now since I’m so busy already going through the SXSW tracks. But that won’t stop you from grabbing Vol 14 (!!) HERE . 139.3MB and 20 tracks for Vol 14.

That’s it for now. Hope you get some good music out of those, you music junkies. (like me!)

*Please, if I left your band out, don’t take it too badly. I decided to pick 100 tracks, max! So some decent music was thrown out in the process. I had to narrow it down or the point of it all would have been lost. It doesn’t mean that I think you suck. Besides,it’s not my fault that you sound like an Alannah Myles or My Chemical Romance cover band.  BAZINGA!

The (unofficial) SXSW 2011 Torrents are out!

March 13, 2011 Leave a comment

sxsw lego logo


Every year I say to myself … “self, you suck for not going to SXSW this year and you will now promise yourself that you will go next year”. And every next year that arrives finds me sadly talking to myself again instead of getting my lame butt down there to see it all happen in front of me. That’s the bad news. The good news is that while I mumble to myself alone and in crowds each year, somewhere someone is quietly compiling all the free mp3s made available through SXSW’s official website and turning it into a massive Torrent that you can download. So maybe you’re like me and either cannot make it “this time”, or you’re there already and want a piece of the action you’re about to enjoy in person, a piece you can take back home with you. You’re in luck,because said Torrents for 2011 are ready for download, NOW!

SXSW Unofficial Torrents for 2011! (alternate link here, same site diff address)

But careful now, make sure you have the space for it, because these torrents are MASSIVE! So massive, in fact, that I’m compiling my own “best of SXSW even though I can’t be there” top 69 tracks torrent (coming soon). These torrents combined make for a merely huge, barely enormous,

6.58 GIGABYTES!! Holy cow! You can grab it all, or wait a couple of days for my truncated version. Either way you’re in for what will surely be some great musical rewards. I suggest grabbing it all. But rest assured I will not be choosing tracks based solely on my own musical tastes. I will be selecting tracks based on whether or not I think the track or artist sounds like a “sound-alike”. I will also be choosing a wide variety. Chances are if you trust my monthly selections, you’ll be happy with my choices. I’m sure others are doing the same thing. Maybe you should! Nothing stoppin’ ya! Self-mumblers unite!! (and take over)

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Indie 69 Jan/Feb 2011 Playlist is out now! (2 year anniversary)

February 3, 2011 6 comments

Indie69 Jan/Feb cover artThat’s right, the damned thing is out. And what a fantastic month(s) it is. Rather than be all confusing and put out 2 in one month (3 if you count the best of 2010), I decided to trim them both down to a nice, compact 69 tracks and start off with a bang for the new year. And there are some really great tracks in this one. There are surprises, mild disappointments, masterpieces and decent examples of genre-bending in there. I have mentioned before that when I do all BUT the best of playlists, I always keep in mind the listener who may not share my tastes. If something doesn’t seem to be my “cup of tea”, I will include it many times because I know it’s admired, anticipated or well-reviewed. This month, even in those cases I found myself genuinely impressed. Must be something in the air this year.  I live for those moments when a track that seems like its something I wont like transforms or builds in a way I didn’t expect and ends up being something that I admire or even adore. Last year a few of the more country-tinged or “Americana” leaning tracks had that effect on me. Normally, very much not my cup of tea. Horizons:Expanded. This year, I cant put a label on it yet, but it’s got a lot of bass and makes me want to get up and move. It’s also quirky as #V(k. And a little bit doo-wop. I think. Maybe. Perhaps. Nah.

So without further ado (for the moment.. rest assured I’ll continue to babble on below).. I present




Indie 69 Jan/Feb 2011 Playlist available HERE and at all the regular places/haunts. Grab it, share it, spread it, tweet it and fergahdsakes play it. And I mean all of it. Not just the first 20 or so. This month is special. Hear it from front to back this time. Trust me. Gifts are within. Gifts of sound. A plethora of potential transformations and synesthesiae . ahem.




hokey. sry.

EDIT: So after having finished all of this, I realized this is my 2 year anniversary. Yay me. Back to your regularly scheduled post.

So Nee-ways.  Just a quick reminder to be sure to follow me @indie69 and when you see playlist-notification tweets, re-tweet ’em. Do the same for all the other playlist peeps as well. Let’s get this music out there, spreading even more this year.

Listening to some of my local alt, indie and non-commercial stations, i noticed that their own “Best of” playlists for 2010 had some gaping, glaring omissions, across the board. I know radio is dying, but it’s still a bit of a barometer. And end of year lists that don’t include HUGE numbers of artists and tracks that were clearly superior, are simply unacceptable. We have to be better curators and pollinators this year. All of us. No matter if that means re-tweeting your favorite playlist releases, handing a CD to a DJ in your town or… hell.. doing your own playlist. As I’ve mentioned here before, I will do my best to make time to help anyone who wants to start doing this. (  * )  Which reminds me, I have a gargantuan amount of e-mail to catch up with. So I should get on that now and stop going on and on here. Have a great February and look out for more short posts to highlight things I find in the interim, as well as longer reviews and a feature article here and there like old times. Love ya all.

* is a girl in India. She won’t help you. I don’t think. Maybe she will, but she’s not me. Guaranteed. To get me, you gotta spell it out.

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Indie 69 Oct 2010 Playlist Released (again… finally)

October 23, 2010 3 comments

sryAs the cover art says… sry. I really thought I’d have it ready a few days ago. Nope. But all is well now and I’ll have (hopefully) Nov on time as well as the best of 2010 coming right up. Hard to believe 2010 is almost over. Time to make a point of getting sunshine.

I decided to just take a little time off, I guess.

This month’s playlist is my largest ever. Again to make up for the lost time, it’s been embiggened.

U can grab it HERE (and in all the usual places) By the time you read this it should be seeded.

I think you’ll find a lot to love in there, too. Dog in deep for some real surprises. The musical landscape is so spread out right now. Sort of a sprawl. Genres are named, introduced, dominated and hated on in a matter of minutes now. But all this is good. Good for us. Because out of all the artists out there trying to sound like the latest thing, one or two will emerge with their own voices rising above the din of crap, giving us something amazing to listen to.

I’ll give you an example. Let’s create a genre. ElectroRetro-Buzz-Gaze*.

Now love it. Now hate it. Okay, it’s finished. ElectroRetro-Buzz-Gaze* is dead. I’ve declared it. That was easy. And somehow I feel like there’s around four or five people I’m better than now. Weird. They are so out of touch.

As fun as all this is, it’s easy to forget that there’s always been crap and the good stuff does float to the top. And I don’t mean the charts. I mean in our memories.

And then it’s nostalgia and must be destroyed. I guess there’s no winning, is there?

Have a fantastic month (what’s left of it anyway)and I look forward to seeing you for a (late) roundup in a few days. Most of you have found what’s out there already this month, but I’m going to go for it anyway. Mostly because I have not downloaded ANY of the other playlists this month, which is rare. Might as well let you know what I found.

From my basement to yours….

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*Before this was published, Pitchfork discovered the genre and Paste declared it dead.

Top 13 ways to bring Radio back from the Dead

September 16, 2010 2 comments

Radio Towers

Towers of Love

I’ve probably made my love for radio fairly clear on this blog. But I’ve never really explained it in detail, given my reasons and my hopes. Your imaginary curiosity combined with my lack of mp3s to easily and quickly post this week means my chance has arrived. This will be a long read. But the rewards will be many.

My love for radio started when I was very, very young. (yes, it’s going to be THAT kind of blog post,sorry) It all began with AM, oddly enough. Those weird stations you could pull in across the country on just the right night, with just the right weather conditions. UFOs, weird religious shows, oddballs, really old music, all of it.  Then I found my first truly independent AM station, which was probably a pirate radio station considering most nights they played noise music and strange stuff like the joyous Residents and a bit of the old Throbbing Gristle. I remember thinking “you can do this on the radio?”. Turns out you can. Then I found left of the dial FM and I was hooked.  There were a couple of years there when so-called “alternative radio” kept my attention, until they became the Limp Bizkit/Korn/Sublime networks.

Can we just come to a mutual understanding that Sublime (or at least its surviving members) doesn’t practice Santeria and leave it at that? It’s pretty clear and they’ll be getting no argument from me anymore. And we are all clear on how many joints you smoke in the morning as well as at night. It’s 2. Perhaps a total of 4 per day or more.

In my region, radio died a few years ago. We still have two truly independent stations in the area, but they are usually just out of range. In the city itself, you have to tune to obscure cable radio to find independent radio that is not the local NPR outlet or a jazz/classical only station. Pretty sad for a major area.  I can think of at least 3 religious stations. Only one of them AM. I’m sure there are more. Then we have your usual 2 country stations, 2 classic rock stations and countless pop nostalgia stations focusing on the 80s and now even the 90s and 2000s. And those aren’t even over yet. One top 40-ish station (even if something that is not your typical top 40 fair crosses over and makes it to the top 40, they still won’t play it) and one rap station that honestly sounds more like the top 40 station than a real rap station. Your average normal will say that’s diversity. It’s not. Many of these stations are pre-programmed and identical no matter where you go in the country. Anyone who has taken a road trip recently can testify to this. Once you leave an area, you can count on another area having a station with different call letters and not much else. There’s a “The BUZZ” in every major area. (I just made that name up.. I think..) And their playlists are identical, as are their on the air personalities, if they even have any.

Living in southern California for a short period of time at the end of good commercial radio, I witnessed those last few years of radio personalities. DJs that still chose content to play, participated in playlists and actually had an interest in the artists being played. And they even expressed opinions. Those days are also over. The only place you’ll find DJs still talking about the music between songs is on geezer rock stations. And these classic rock stations are only doing it because they know it’s a proven formula for their audience.

Now I find out the radio industry would like mandatory FM receivers in every mobile phone. Some say this is a way for them to “save radio”.


You want to save radio? How about you actually bring radio BACK from it’s coma. I’m going to do the industry a favor and hand this over for free. You can even pretend it was your idea. I know some of you will be surprised at how money-focused some of this is. But the reality is that you cannot operate a commercial station in a major market and reach a large audience without considering the money side of things. Things just do NOT have to be the way they are. You need to bring the new audiences back to radio. And music needs radio back in order to bring back large-audience curation.

Here are the top 13 ways you can save radio and bring it back from the dead….

13. Start doing better research into your potential audiences. Yeah, numbers suck. Marketing sucks. Polls and estimations suck. But it’s a game none of us are going to be able to avoid now. Embrace it. But do it the right way. Listen! A lot of your radio audience is not part of the crowd that hangs at the mall or regularly frequents Starbucks, or even the local retail stores. I can guarantee you, whatever method you’re using to figure out what the radio audience wants is grossly inaccurate. That’s part of why no-one listens to radio anymore. You just got it wrong for far too long and delivered crap because you thought it was what we wanted. The truth is, probably a good 50% of the people you made contact with regarding listening habits wouldn’t know what they wanted to hear unless someone told them what it was. So what do you do? You ask those people. And what do they tell you they want? More of the same. Ungh! Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want you to go out and find a bunch of indie hipsters and only listen to what they want. That would probably be a worse disaster. But you need to find SOME of those people. And people who actually love radio.

12. Get rid of the anti-DJ creep that’s been going on for over a decade now. It all started with “less talk… more rock” BS. Radio programming by computer is worse. I don’t need to prove that to you now, do I? It’s obvious at this point because radio is dying or in some places dead already. It’s a nostalgia fest catered to state workers and soccer moms that love Coldplay. People whose lives ended with high school. Harsh? Yeah. But it doesn’t make it less true. The only way to get past this crap is to put actual people in charge of deciding what gets on the radio. AND let them TALK about the music they pick. And give them some time. Which brings us to the next thing…

11. Give new formats time to build a loving, loyal audience base. Like I mentioned above, many of these people don’t know what they want until they’ve had it for a few years and miss it when it’s been taken away from them.  They will tell you NOW that what they have is fine. But the truth is, it takes time for people to warm up to any kind of new ideas or diversity they’re not used to. Arrogant? A little. But again, not any less true. When those first numbers come through, don’t drop the ball. And you MUST continually mix things up. Don’t over-play one genre, but focus on the NEW.

10. Once the programming feels like it’s found it’s sweet spot, don’t freeze playlists. I know it’s a temptation. But that’s how it starts. A year later when your audience is telling you they want to hear the same STP and Nirvana tracks over and over (of course now the bands would be different), you’ll listen. And then gradually your audience numbers will drop. See, that’s a great way to not gain a NEW audience. It can be a hard balance, and difficult to do when your audience die-hards are asking why “you’re playing all that new crap.. that’s ghey”. But you have to not listen at that point. That’s the bad advice that will spell your doom. That new song that pisses off 50 of your old fans (vocal ones) may be the ONLY reason 500 NEW listeners (quiet ones that do not give you feedback yet) are listening at all.

Read more…

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