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New: Lying Mouth (free mp3)

Lying Mouth

Lying Mouth

Every once in a while, I’ll have a “down day” like I was having today. I decided to get some sunshine and head outside to work on this month’s playlist (coming along nicely, down to 100 more tracks to sort through now) to see if it’d help with my mood. ( I love netbooks ) It did, a little. But then I watched a new Tweet come through from @DT4F (Doyle and the Fourfathers), letting me know that William Doyle had sent me an e-mail. I jumped on to my gmail immediately to find 2 tracks that would have been a 2010/2011  solo project under the moniker “Lying Mouth” waiting for me to download. This improved my mood significantly, until I heard them…..

And my mood skyrocketed into the ionosphere, just as the sun finally made its way through the clouds. These are magnificent tracks. I love Doyle And The Fourfathers’ stuff, but I was a fan of William Doyle’s music long before the band existed. I look forward to any music from William, solo or otherwise.  He gave me permission to release them, and I am doing so here as well as on the June playlist. I think you’ll like them too, as they are vocal heavy and walk that fine line between the future and nostalgia without crossing back over into “I remember when” territory. Great songs, too. I hope we hear more from this project someday (Total Strife Forever?) , as long as it doesn’t cut into the wonderful output of DT4F.  So here they are…





Keep your eyes open for the June Playlist. I hope to get it done this evening. You’ll know it’s close when my Twitter icon changes and the bugs come out to play.

(and watch for 2 torrents this time, to make it easier for people to get the initial 69 tracks by separating the extras, which are getting out of hand and making the torrents HUGE. I am tentatively calling the extras torrents “INDIE69 – Tasty Leftovers – Month Year”)

  1. February 3, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    Thanks for the update on this topic. I am bookmarking it.

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