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Indie 69 August 2011 Playlist Released

July 31, 2011 2 comments

Indie 69 August 2011 Cover Art

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August already? The summer is going by fast, and not as “summery” where I am.  Not much to say this month except that I think its a good , if sparse , playlist this time.

Get it HERE ( TPB link )

No “Tasty Leftovers” planned this month. May be a failed experiment. Hard to say.

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See you here, and in September.

Enjoy. Get some sun while you can.


Indie 69 New Music Playlist for August 2010 Released (bonus month)

July 31, 2010 5 comments

Indie 69 August 2010 Cover Art

Indie 69 August 2010 Cover Art

Well, as July sped to a close, I found that instead of having to scrape for the last few tracks for the next month, I had FAR too many tracks good enough to be included.  The last time I did a double-sized playlist was on my one year anniversary back in Feb. But since I make the rules, I decided to just go for it and do another one. So maybe twice a year. Not every month is like this last month has been though. There are some GREAT tracks here. Something for everyone. 138 tracks! It’s also a great way to celebrate my increased bandwidth.

Not much else to say of any significance. August marks the beginning of the end of summer, and that just blows my mind. It’s as if this summer never even happened for me. The summer that never happened. I hope that’s not the case for everyone and you all had perfect summers filled with new love, sunshine and experience. I’m sure brevity was the last thing anyone expected of me after those last few posts, but I cannot think of anything else to say except that it’s a great month for music again.

You can grab the playlist at all the usual haunts and HERE.

Please seed even though you first few downloaders will be getting it much faster than you’re used to. The seeds dropped off last month in spite of the downloads going on and on and on. Strange. It’s very important to seed!

Thanks for downloading and I’ll see you for the next one in Sept. And keep the drop box submissions coming. If you prefer e-mail, drop me a file and a message at .

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