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Help R. Stevie Moore’s WORLD Tour happen!

R. Stevie

R. Stevie

EDIT: Congrats to R. Stevie and the fans who contributed. The goal was met and exceeded! at $8368.00 . Congrats, fans and R. Stevie.

You did good!

Thanks to a reminder from Youtube user autosam I just found out that not only is R. Stevie Moore TOURING, he’s even coming close to my town! I cannot believe I will actually get a chance to see this guy perform. I never thought it would happen. You may either be familiar with him (yay you) or remember my mentions of him in my article about “Basement Music” a while back.  And if you are not familiar with him at all, the best way to GET familiar with him quickly would be to go to the man’s site and get yourself familiar real quick. There is a LOT of history to catch up with. This guy epitomizes “indie”, the real word and meaning, not what has become the genre.

But even more important, and proven to be good for your general health and longevity*,  is that YOU TOO can help make this genius’ tour happen through Kickstarter!

So do it! HERE … NOW.

He’s 68% of the way there already (as of this posting),

(update: 69% now.. good number, but 99 is a better number so get to it…if we can’t back this man’s tour, we can’t do anything)

so anything you can do, even if it’s just a buck or 2, will help take him to the goal and get him on the road. And there are a ton of great, personalized incentives. Got an extra 2 grand sitting around? He’ll play your “house, venue or roller rink”! R. Stevie at a roller rink, now there’s a Saturday night for ya. This man is so important to music, and this is his first real tour. I hope we see many more from him, but there’s always the chance that this is your only chance. So support his tour, and then go see him live. The Kickstarter page has a list of confirmed and tentative dates.

*actual improvements to health and longevity not yet demonstrated. Individual results may vary. If donations last longer than 4 hours, please consult physician.

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