New Playlists – A Few New Finds

Just a quick post to let you all know I found a few new playlists and one I think I missed before while taking a break from going through the hundreds and HUNDREDS of tracks in the SXSW torrents(as well as hundreds more for the April playlist). Watch for that best of SXSW torrent soon. It won’t be called “Indie69’s Best of SXSW” since I’m not interested in calling attention to myself with this little side-project, I’m just interested in making it easier for people to find the great stuff swimming in that gigantic OCEAN of new music. Daunting project, but there are some great tracks in there. My hope is to simply make the process easier for you by eliminating the Holiday Inn sounding acts and the indecipherable oddities (not in a good way). Also eliminated are the Cookie Monster Metal, cookie-cutter screamo, band-of-the-moment sound-alikes and general *suckiness. When you get down to the meat of these torrents, there are some real decent finds. Again, I’m trying not to select tracks based on my personal tastes and instead on my instincts and ability to spot quality work. (meaning overall quality, not just sound quality which would preclude pretty much all low-fi an any genre with the word “wave” in it)Watch for that thing soon. I’m still not 100% on the need for it, but I’m going for it anyway just to see how many people grab it. No promises on when it’ll be done. Days perhaps. Before the April playlist for sure.

These playlists appear to be very dance-music heavy, so if you focus on that area of music, these might be nice for ya. These were all found at TPB. I’ll be looking around again elsewhere soon for other more obscure monthly compilations and playlists. Enjoy! If you like them be sure to come back and comment on the torrent pages to encourage these people to keep it up. I know from my own experience that these things take a lot of time and effort, and the encouragement is as nourishing as a home-cooked meal.

All 3 links are TinyURLs leading to TPB torrent pages.

Partyaids – You can grab their Feb playlist HERE. The torrent description describes the playlist as… “Hailing from Melbourne Australia, a small group of professional DJ’s and music enthusiasts spend their free time uploading killer content on . We scourer(sic) the internet and hit up Melbourne’s famous nightlife to find you the best tunes. It’s tough but someone’s gotta do it.  We published both unsigned and signed artists. You are bound to hear some completely new and mind blowing tracks. Nothing makes the party aids team happier than uncovering fresh new local and international artists. DO NOT FEAR IF YOU HEAR A FOREIGN SOUND IN YOUR EAR – It’s just refreshingly good music the radio and media have deprived you. ”  Sounds like a fun way to do it. 581.39MB and 63 tracks for the Feb playlist.

Muusika playlist – Musiaylist (LOL!!!) By HR. Janno – Now I’m not sure if it’s the bug that named his playlist a “Musiaylist”, the very same bug that did the same thing to mine a while back, or if it’s a kind of tribute or participation in the inside joke. Either way, I got a laugh out of it. Grab Vol 1  HERE . I only recognize a few artist on the list of tracks, which I find very interesting. Since so many of the artists have “DJ” before their names, I must assume this playlist is very dance music oriented as well. Hopefully there’s some good glitchy, technoey, or even 8-bit goodness in there. Could be good. 704.19MB and 150 tracks for Vol 1.

bazinga! Indie/rock playlist – Love the name, and it seems I recall it from my old monthly roundup posts. I’m too lazy to go back and check. In any case, this one seems to be a sort of grab-bag surprise playlist, as there is no file list in the description and the files are in a zip archive. So no way to tell what’s in there without downloading it. I’ll have to pass for now since I’m so busy already going through the SXSW tracks. But that won’t stop you from grabbing Vol 14 (!!) HERE . 139.3MB and 20 tracks for Vol 14.

That’s it for now. Hope you get some good music out of those, you music junkies. (like me!)

*Please, if I left your band out, don’t take it too badly. I decided to pick 100 tracks, max! So some decent music was thrown out in the process. I had to narrow it down or the point of it all would have been lost. It doesn’t mean that I think you suck. Besides,it’s not my fault that you sound like an Alannah Myles or My Chemical Romance cover band.  BAZINGA!

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