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Doyle and The FourFathers – New Single and free track!

Anglophiles rejoice! One of my favorites for a while now, Doyle and the FourFathers, have released a new version of their great track “Governor of Giving Up”, along with another new track that honestly is just as good for your free downloading pleasure. You can stream (320 kbps stream) the new version of Governor at their Facebook page.  Physically(and virtually), the single will be available for purchase on Oct 4th in CD single, 7″ and digital download(pre-order it!). I should honestly dust off the turntable and grab the vinyl! I think it would sound great that way. Like it belongs in that format. No, I’ll grab both! The free download, “Please send my Regards” is just another example of their constant growth as songwriters and performers.  I already adored the demo version. And this new version of Governor is a huge improvement of what was already a stand-out track.  Once again, Doyle and the FourFathers will dominate my mp3 player. The strings in the middle section, the vibrato guitar, all so much better than the original. Even the vocals are stronger. It’s not just a better recording, it’s a better performance.  It sounds fantastic. Normally I avoid not making the tracks I’m sent available for direct downloading here, but this is SO good, I’m sending you to the band’s site at their request. When you enter your e-mail, you’ll be able to get the track AND they’ll let you know when new tracks and other DT4F stuff is available. A more than fair exchange. Don’t worry, they won’t spam you.

These guys are golden, watch ’em closely.

Go grab “Please send my Regards” at DT4F.com immediately.

You can also stream some of their music on MySpace and you can follow them if you’re on the Twitter.

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