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My Gahd, it’s full of stars….

I was transported by the new video by The Dears, Omega Dog.  To a very, very good place. If you watch closely, you will see the effect was felt by all. The band and the audience that attended their live residencies in Mexico (to perform the new album in its entirety) are lost in the music. You can see the band being sent off to a place of musical ecstasy. Each one in their own place, yet connected by invisible strings. It’s palpable! Just look…

How I wish I could have been there to see it happen in real time. Finally, The Dears feel like a band again. Not that I’m complaining about the past few years. Some of the intervening material is inarguably their best, even if the critical community has taken its time to recognize it. Gang of Losers was a masterpiece that defied expectations for the band and came closest to getting them the attention they deserved. It borrowed from the recent and distant past without coming off as nostalgic bull-crap. I guess you could say they found the essence of what made the pop and rock music of the past work without actually doing much direct cribbing. *Missiles caught pretty much everyone off guard. The fans, the critics. Even me. For about..a week. And then it started sinking in. Now I can barely get through a day without at least one track from it being heard all the way through. Artists could reap great rewards if they recognized Missiles as the well of inspiration it is. At first difficult, like much truly great art, then so obvious after some time, you wonder how you could have missed it in the first place. Like passing over a Van Gogh at a garage sale. It plays huge and it plays sparse. It feels like a blues “cry for help” and stands alongside the best headphone albums of the past and present. I could go on and on about Missiles. But this is a new Dears. Tougher, raw, direct. LIVE. The Dears transcend.

The song is fantastic, starting small and building to a near freak-out, then pulling back before it dive-bombs right back into Krief-powered guitar acid-flashback territory. And this man just may be at his peak right about now. Amazing work here. Murray sounds as perfect as always. Can you tell I’m a fan? You just have to stop reading this drivel right now and listen.

Watch the video …  HERE … now!

And I have not even mentioned the video itself. Perfect match of visuals to music. This is a lesson in editing and the capturing of a live performance visually. It can be hard to catch with the naked eye, but as you can see by the above captures, you can stop the video at almost any place and find a beautifully composed portrait. The video was directed, shot and edited by Michael Mohan. Fantastic work! The way it was shot and edited, all the right moments seem to be included in just the right order to convey the chemistry in the room at that moment in time. It’s a real treat to see someone truly grasp a performance,the little moments of joy and even indulgences that make for a perfect show. Now I have to go watch all his other stuff.

and P.S. – Murray is daring us to request that he play one of the new tracks from the now mastered new album. If he gets 1000 requests, he’ll do it at a specified time. Sadly, even though I followed The Dears on Tumblr and liked the post, I’m still not sure if that counts as a “request” and I cannot figure out how to add text to my “like” (never have, not on the Dears Tumblr anyway). Big, big saddy face. I guess I’ll e-mail the request to them as well to make sure my vote is counted. I hope he plays the song anyway. We’re dyin’ out here! If the other tracks are anywhere close to the quality of Omega Dog, we’re in for a gigantic treat. I really don’t think anyone is going to think it’s “terrible”. Not even close. Not even close.

*Missiles is on sale for 5.99 at iTunes right about now. Good time to grab it.

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