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The Older Playlists Are Moving

As some of you probably know, I’ve been doing these playlists monthly since Feb of 2009. Due to space issues on the machine currently seeding all the playlists up to this current one, I will be moving them all to another computer over the next couple of days. I will continue seeding July, August and Sept of this year locally (as well as the Best of 2009 torrent) while all the other older ones will be seeded externally MOST of the time. So if any of you still seed the old ones, or have the ability to do so, now is when it’s needed most. This computer is just getting FULL. And I need the room for the increasing number of tracks that come in monthly. This month’s were over 2 gigs. And as you can imagine, seeding 21 torrents at once can also be taxing on the computer doing the seeding in more than just a bandwidth and storage sense. Now the old ones will be in a nice new place, on another ISP (faster, too) , in another location. And if you want to find any of those old ones, you can find them here OR by simply googling indie69 or indie 69 with the month you want. Just watch out for those occasional nasty torrent sites that pop up from time to time. Best bet would be to go check my TPB profile in the link. Enjoy and keep seeding! I will.

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