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New Filligar Tracks – New Album (mp3 downloads)

Filligar - The Nerve album cover

Filligar - The Nerve - album art

I just received word from Filligar that the new album is indeed on iTunes and that I can finally share a couple of tracks from it with you. It’s called The Nerve.  And I have to agree. The nerve of them to make such a huge leap forward, creating their best recordings yet. I’ve had this album since last month and it’s been KILLING me not to talk about it and share tracks. KILLING me. I provide now, with permission, two fantastic tracks from the album. The single is out there and can be had on their site. It’s a great track as well. But I’d like you to hear my two favorites….

Filligar-Not Gonna Settle (right click save)

What an anthem. You may want to wave your fists in the air while you sing along, walking steadfastly away from that non-ringing phone to head out for a night on the town. The serial monogamist or  pushover-no-more’s anthem. In real life or on TV.

Filligar-Health (right click save)

What can I say that hasn’t already been sai… oh wait. I may be the first. I’d better make it good. I’ll put it in quotes for you so you don’t have to bother.

I have seen the future of rock and roll, and it’s name is …

Been done already hasn’t it? I’ll try again.

If you see one movie this summer, make it Filligar’s new song HEALTH. You will not be sorry.


Last try….


That’s about right.

I love their other material, but this new album is much, much better. It’s rich, diverse and full music (to a greater extent). It defies previous labels loosely applied to their music such as… essentially…  “surprisingly good for a dead genre”. Well, tell you what. Some of us don’t read Paste. We just glance at it and chuckle a little under our breath. If this is a dead genre, then the genre being spoken of is music itself. This is pure, rock music.

While so many artists are paying less attention to getting nice, big, full sounds and instead attempting to mimic various kinds of low fidelity or dead formats, Filligar went for the hi-fi sound here and it works for them.  Not that there are not real gems in the lo-fi music out there right now. This album just sounds so beautiful and sunny. A nice change. That’s all.  A Perfect soundtrack for your summer exploits. And I feel it’s necessary to point out that the keys on this album feel organic, full and out front for once. The organs, the electric piano. Nice. That can be hard to pull off without sounding wimpy or thin. And they never once sound wimpy or thin. I cannot wait to hear what this will sound like live.

Pick it up at iTunes right this second. And if you can find it anywhere else, grab it there. The physical CD comes out today. It’s so worth it. Buy it immediately. Show them your love.

They will be touring until the end of September, so catch them live if you can and check Filligar.com for tour dates.

  1. Arthur do Carmo
    July 13, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    Obrigado pelo blog e por compartilhar as músicas. Conheci tuas idéias ao procurar a música de Jaron Lanier. Encontrar um pensamento atual sem falsa nostalgia é sempre gratificante quando falamos em música. E viva o transleator.

    • July 14, 2010 at 8:30 am

      Eu não ouvi música Jaron Lanier por um longo tempo. Lembro-me que era interessante. Obrigado pelo comentário. E sim, viva o tradutor.

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