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Mid Month Update (you care, honestly you do)

What a month it’s been for me. You would …not.believe.me.if.I.told.you.

So I will not.

Instead, I’ll just wax on a bit about what a great bunch of playlists I downloaded. I usually do not take the time to listen to them all, 100 percent. But I came close this month and it was worth it. So many great new tracks to try, so many bands and artists I’d never heard of before, almost too much. But never, I say. Never!

I have something special planned for the middle of July that will fly directly in the face of my disdain for nostalgia. You’ll get it, once I reveal what the hell it is. So please care. Not a ton, just a little. At least encourage me to do the unthinkable. See, I’ve looked deep into my catalog of stuff and I’ve found some things that have not only NOT seen the light of day in a very long time, but some would say never really received the sunshine they truly deserved and needed in order to grow like the creative little trees and fluffy clouds they were.. or could have been. Confusing enough? Good.

(I’m sure some of you have a clue by now about what it is, so I’ll just shut up now. You’re a smart bunch. Now go program an app that we all need or create free energy or a perpetual motion machine or something. You guys make me feel stupid by how smarty McSmartSmarts you can be.)

By the way, the seeds were horrible for the June Playlist. Sadly, I think that may be my fault at least partly. That whole Musiaylist thing. Gotta watch that in July. Damned TPB. I love ya, but sometimes I just wanna give you a nipple twister.

That’s about it. Nothing much else to say except the usual. Seed till you can’t seed no more.

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