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Indie 69 June 2010 Playlist Released

Indie 69 June 2010 Cover Art

Indie 69 June 2010 Cover Art

Sorry for being so late this month. The extra time I set aside for it was probably worth it.

Due to a very personal near-tragedy, this month’s playlist almost didn’t happen. I remember a time when I swear it almost felt like each opportunity I was presented with to be a flake was greeted by me with near-enthusiasm. Even when it came to things I loved. But those days are long gone. I’m certainly no “Mr Responsibility”, not by a long shot. But I have changed in these last 5 years or so. Everything seems immediate, important, vital. When you almost lose someone you care about and love, things come into focus or you shut down.  I guess in a way I’m lucky I haven’t been taking the latter road. Time will tell.

I didn’t have as much time to focus this month, which could either be good (randomized, less focused or predictable) or bad (dupes, too much focus). It’s hard for me to tell. I just try to make it as diverse as possible and trust my ears as your ears by proxy. In other words, instead of only adding things  “I” would like, I listen for quality, originality and diversity. And a few that I’d like, too.

New this month, finally, are Zune HD wallpapers. I’m sure there are not very many of you out there with Zunes, but if you do have one I hope you like ’em. I still have no idea if the iPod or other players use the “wallpaper” thing at all. I know my old gigantic Creative player didn’t. There’s not much else that’s new other than the music. And again if there are any dupes please forgive me this month. I just didn’t have as much time. That said, there are some GREAT new tracks this month. And I have something so amazing right now, sitting right in front of me in the form of an advance CD, that I’ve promised not to share until the time is right. And it is KILLING me. It’s so good. Won’t be long now. Album of my summer and probably will be for a lot of you as well. You’re gonna love it.

Enjoy the music and look out for my monthly Playlist Roundup to catch all the other playlists coming out this month, all in one place.

And remember, if you don’t want to have 5 copies of the same new song that was added to ALL the playlists in a particular month, use uTorrent (I’m sure other clients allow this, too). When you start to download and that first screen pops up you can de-select songs you don’t want to grab. Just un-check them. Of course it’s always helpful if you seed the whole thing, but being selective can save disk space and time. I get it.  🙂

You can grab the Indie69 June 2010 New Music Playlist HERE.

FUNNY : When I uploaded, I double checked the name so something is going all funny at TPB. Then when I tried to edit, it saves and it’s exactly the same when I re-check it.

I’ve been through this kind of thing before and when you delete and try to re-up it’ll tell you it “already exists in the database” and won’t let you upload. So for now, until it lets me edit and actually change it, the name of the torrent is:

Indie69 June 2010 New Musiaylist (LOL!!)

…and in all the usual places. Enjoy, seed, share, go see the shows.. go buy the CDs or the downloads if you love what you hear. And tell everyone you know about the playlists and the artists. Spread the word. See you here in the blog and in July for the next playlist. I still have thousands of words to publish and I’m never satisfied, so I’ll be “letting go” of these posts that I keep re-scheduling and re-editing as the month goes on.  And if anything happens to me that would deny me access to the Internet for any extended period… this blog would just keep on publishing without me for quite a long time. Thank you, WordPress scheduling.

Image and cover art Credit – http://www.flickr.com/photos/paradisecircus/25882660/

Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share-Alike

Alternate Cover art sources –




Finished covers and alternate covers can be found within the playlist folders along with Zune and Zune HD wallpapers and maybe other stuff.

p.s. – Can you spot a theme or region this month? How about an old track? Comment if you noticed anything.

  1. criznittle
    June 4, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    i’m not much of a piratebay fan anymore, it’s constantly giving false seed/leech stats and gave me an incorrect announce url.

    • June 4, 2010 at 10:35 pm

      Wow. That’s bizarre. Yeah, I’m not too happy with them right now either. I got 3 “captchas” in a row right.. but it kept giving me “wrong code” errors. But each time, the spelling/wording of the torrent name was correct. Then when it finally worked, I got that truncated or I guess more “jumbled” name. I may go a different way next month.

  2. nake
    September 4, 2010 at 5:02 am

    Thanks your playlist are by far the best for indie music. The other stuff (blalock and criz) is incredibly boring.
    Keep up with the good work!

  1. August 17, 2010 at 4:30 am

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