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It’s time for the Mid-Month Update already??

It's a CRAP!

It's a CRAP!!

Yes, indeed it is. As you may have noticed, I’ve been writing a lot. There are around 16 thousand words waiting to be edited, proofread and revised/refined.  One album review waiting to be finished is about 5000 words, unfinished and I’ve considered not even publishing it because it’s been so long since the album came out. But it’s a very controversial opinion of an album most would assume I’d hate. So I may just publish it anyway. Hard to say.

Not a lot of mp3 posts lately, huh?  That will change, I promise. It’s just that I’ve been inspired often to rant and rave over the last few weeks and this is the place I’ve chosen to put it all. This month is going by very fast. Too fast.

The June playlist is about half done, for once. And by half done, I mean I have about 150 tracks to listen to. Then I’ll narrow it down quite a bit. Then again during the last week of the month I’ll have already grabbed at least another 100 to 150, which will be narrowed down again. Then there’s the last-minute stuff. I’m going deeper this month.  More obscurity. Stuff so fresh the people making it may not even realize they’ve recorded it yet. Yes, you heard me. I have acquired a time machine and I intend to use it. But only for good. And by “for good” I mean forever. But that’s neither here nor there. Or both.

But first, here’s a link to one of the better live recordings of a great 2009 song – Why? – This Blackest Purse – Live at Piano’s in NY (abc news??) other than some slightly dodgy backup vocals, it’s a great performance of the track.

Eskimo Snow was a surprise in 2009 that keeps on surprising with each re-listen. If you have not given the album a listen yet, go grab it. It’s worth it. You can get it here. Or find it at your local independent “record” store.

In the world of the bittorrents, all is well except this month is not being seeded as well as previous months, even though the downloads are as consistent as ever. If ya got the files, go back and seed if you can. People’s download speeds are abysmal. Thanks!

And keep sending those songs of yours. I need ’em. indiesixtynine@gmail.com (NOT indie69@).

Okay. Wow. I originally linked to the band’s MySpace above so that you could just click on those “buy now” buttons below the albums on the page. But MySpace is even worse than it was before. Now, not only do you get to a “WAIT!! The rest of the Internets is dangerous!! Are you sure you want to go somewhere other than the safe confines of MySpace??” page, but NOW you get a page that doesn’t even give you the option anymore. Instead it tells you that the link has been removed for one of various reasons. How much you wanna bet WHY? isn’t a spammer or a phishing scheme? MySpace and Facebook treat their users like children they need to protect and then violate them all on their own. This is what it says:


Sorry, you have reached a link that is no longer accessible due to one or more of the following:

–      A reported spammer site

–      A reported Phishing Site: A site designed to trick the user into giving up user name and passwords.

–      A site which contains malware

–      A site that currently contains a lot of spam

–      The user entered HTML syntax was inaccurate.


BS!! That’s a load of crap. If you have a MySpace account, let WHY? know that MySpace is doing this to them. They probably have no idea. Or if they DO have an idea, MySpace is probably ignoring them. Shitty no matter how you slice it. So I’m linking directly to the Why? site. And that place is filled with hilarious videos, tour news etc etc. Much better place anyway. But MySpace? Get your shit together. I had no idea it had gotten THIS bad.  It was already hard enough to link out of that hell hole. Now they’re disabling it. Most likely because of some spammer that posted a comment.


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