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Indie69 May 2010 Playlist Released

Indie 69 May 2010 Cover art

Indie 69 May 2010 Cover art

FIRST: I just want to mention that The Flaming Lips’ Steven Drozd is still hospitalized for an unknown reason but says he will make a full recovery. I just want to wish him my best and if you’d like to as well, you can find him active on Twitter here: @stevendrozd . I met him backstage at a Lips show, briefly back when they were following the RHCP around. The show was far too brief, but memorable because I was able to join them on stage dressed as a dog. I danced, yelled a lot and afterward I got to spend some time confirming the rumor that Wayne can talk your ear off backstage(in a good way, the man has the gift of gab). I met Steven very briefly but he was super nice, quiet and of course one of the most creative people in the known universe and I got to meet him(meet? more like see, really)! It was awesome and I hope to do it again some time. But it would never be the same without Steven, so get well man. The world needs ya.

The flowers are blooming, winter has left behind it’s damp, cold jacket at the cleaners to be forgotten, incurring late charges and storage fees that will add up to half a month’s rent when all is said and done, making it necessary to abandon it. Or you live where I do, where it’s still cold and rainy, making each day seem like another round of soul-torture. I hope it’s pretty and warm where you are. But enough about the weather! We have some music to talk about. Right? Right?

Well, I hope you all love this month’s collection of new music. Nothing much stood out for me this time around, making it one of the more excruciating playlists I’ve assembled. There’s good stuff, sure. But after the last few months, I was expecting to be “wowed” again. Maybe it’s the weather, my mood or.. hell.. let’s blame the economy! Yeah! Heck, I’m not even happy with the cover art this time. It’s not bad or anything, but after 4 or 5 other tries, this was the best I could come up with and in the end it felt like a compromise. Whine. Moan.

Grab that big-ass Playlist HERE. (and at all the usual places)

As I sit here and write this, tracks are actually still coming in. So maybe at the last minute, some tidbit of genius will float in and save the day. It could happen. (edit: it did, I replaced a lot of stuff)

Not much else to say this time around. In a frightening turn of mysterious events, Demonoid went down, almost came back up and now will not load for me again. Demonoid always comes back though, right? Maybe they’ll work out some of the glitchier aspects of the site/tracker during the downtime.  Most external torrents there were being reported as dead with no seeds, when in reality they had tons of seeds and leechers. I never quite figured out what was going on there. Not sure if they did either because it continued on, never fixed. But it’s still one of the best damned places in the world, so don’t get me wrong.

As I was listening to tracks for this month, I received a Twitter msg from an artist thanking me for including their song in an older playlist, which I guess led them to some referrals which helped them in some way and I was reminded why I do this. That helped a lot. I wasn’t sure this thing was doing much at all for a little while this last month. And while I didn’t consider quitting, not even remotely, I was questioning myself a bit. Feedback from listeners and artists always gives me a boost and fires me back up again. And it’s always just when I need it. So thanks to all of you. It’s a lot of fun doing this. And as always, I suggest ANYONE try it. The more of us there are, the more the music is spread. The more the music is spread, the less SUCK there is in the world. And the world could do with a little less suck these days. Or always.

If anyone reading this has comments, suggestions, anything.. you can reach me most of the time through Twitter @indie69 . Or through e-mail at indiesixtynine@gmail.com . You can send tracks there as well. Have a warm and healthy month of May. Tons of blog posts are on the way. Over 12 thousand words already written, sitting there waiting for this procrastinating perfectionist to edit. So if you watch for those, watch for those.

See you again in June. Wow. Honest to goodness Summer is near. I think it’s going to be a good one.

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  1. cafferine
    May 1, 2010 at 8:58 pm

    ! That is true. I was a sexy rabbit at that show.
    Wayne talks too much — OMG! i didn’t know who they were at the time either.. and I got actual fans of theirs pissed looking at me; as if it were my fault the guy was talking MY ear off !!

    Reallly nice people – still have my signed tank top form them (ooo steven put a heart on it too) lol =) sucks he is ill !


    • May 2, 2010 at 1:19 am

      We should get a picture of that thing before it gets washed. lol

  1. August 17, 2010 at 4:36 am

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