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Doyle And The FourFathers – Self-Titled Debut EP – artist-approved torrent.

Doyle and the FourFathers

Doyle and the FourFathers - debut EP cover

Back when I first started doing the Indie69 playlist, toward the beginning of 2009, I stumbled on William Doyle’s debut album on TPB, noticed it was uploaded by the artist himself and was curious enough to grab it to give it a listen. I was blown away by the maturity and creative accomplishment of such a young, unknown artist. The album ended up being my number one favorite of 2009, and for good reason. Not JUST because it was an accomplishment for such a young, new artist, but on its own terms and standing against everything else I’d heard that year. It simply refused to get old. In fact, it grew on me even more over the months and still isn’t skipped when it’s tracks pop up on random shuffle. I still listen to it front to back about once a month. “How could the rest of the world not realize the genius of this slightly off-kilter and transcendent, DIY-sounding epic?”, I asked myself aloud, in public places. (that’s just how this cracker crumbles) I had to do everything I could to help it reach more ears. I did my best, or near it. I hope in some way I was able to help William’s potential audience find him.

Here we are in 2010 and William has found himself a real, honest to goodness band. And it’s very different sounding from his solo work, but I must say much better in many ways. It’s a departure, but it’s a winning one. The first track that hit me from this debut EP was “What Else Are We To Do” which was immediately catchy as hell and a near-perfect evocation of an era long gone in British pop music while still managing to sound fresh and new. The other tracks did not disappoint, and I found them holding the same esteem his previous work held in my MP3 player’s environment. Never skipped, often played back to front. Sometimes twice in a row. The man and his band can write, arrange, record and perform with the best of them and they’ve far surpassed any help I could possibly give them in regard to exposure. Watch out, world. Doyle and the FourFathers could be the next thing.. if not the next big thing, very soon.

William thankfully granted quick permission to post this new EP and its great extras, including demos, an origami album cover, photos, lyrics and a radio segment from 6Music featuring them back in August of this year. And I must say I love some of them demos as much as the main EP tracks.

So I have the honor of presenting to you the self-titled debut of Doyle and The FourFathers. Enjoy it and pass it around. And as always, seed the hell out of it.

All tracks 320kbps except radio segment, which is 128. Back and front covers included, as well as photos, lyrics and a printable, Origami cover.

GRAB IT HERE or look for it at any of your favorite public torrent haunts.

Oh, and this baby needs seeds. So seed hard and seed long.



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