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Mid-Month Update (sorta) Plus mp3

It’s a bit late, but you know how those things go, us being close and all. We’re just like that.

Busy, odd couple of weeks for me, on so many levels your frontal lobe would crack in two and send a jolt of random instability through the core of the space-time continuum if I told you half of it. (yep.. I’ve been watching the new series of Dr Who) Isn’t Matt Smith the perfect Doctor? The new series is a blast. Loved the last few series, but this one is a winner. In spite of the slightly wonky new theme music. Anyway, on to the other stuff. There’s a new artist-approved torrent on the way. My bandwidth is a bit wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey at the moment, so I’m waiting another day to drop that on the world. It’s important to seed, but it’s nearly as important to seed WELL. Especially at first. So that should be happening tomorrow.

The May playlist is coming along well, about halfway there, which is about right. Tons of new sources this month, so that means more to go through and I think what may be the best one I’ve put together as far as quality consistency goes. Not sure what will be different this month, but I’m feeling like making some changes. It’s like an itch or something. Maybe it’s just that things are going smoothly. With the playlist.Only.Period.

To whet your appetites for the torrent, here’s a sample. My Favorite of the Doyle and the FourFathers demos, all of which will be included in the torrent.

Doyle_And_The_FourFathers-Here_Comes_The_Dusk(Demo) (righty-clickey-savey-asey)

So enjoy and hello again after that little break I took. Lots of big, long, shiny, wordy and ranty posts already written and ready to go for the next week or so. Love ’em, hate ’em. As long as you read them. Love you all, yes.. even YOU. I’m gonna go watch a movie in 3d or something. Not that fake, after the fact “release the Kraken” crap 3d either. Or maybe go outside. It’s going to be a lovely, sunny day here. You do something too. It’s for the best.

Until tomorrow, stop reading this and have a great day.

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