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Indie Playlist Roundup April 2010

Here are all the playlists, so far, for April. Links almost all go directly to torrent listings, but some are searches or user pages if their playlist has not come out yet as of this post.

If you’re looking for a great, diverse collection of new music, you’ve come to the right place. Grab them all, delete what you don’t like and you’ll be setting off on a journey of discovery. Or something. In the end, you’ll have a buttload of new music. Remember, if you like it, grab a CD from the artist at your local real, independent  CD store (if you have one) or pay for a download of their album. And see them live!

Indie/Rock Playlist April 2010 – this is Criznittle’s return. The original. The first. The best. And it’s a great selection to come back with.(torrentreactor link)

Blalock’s Indie Rock Playlist April 2010 – Great one this month. Also runs BIRP, the best community for this playlist thing AND home of the community playlist.

Dakradha’s Indie Rock Playlist April 2010 – Not out yet, but says it’s coming. Link is to his page on TPB. Check that page once in a while, it should be out soon.

Joydue’s Indie Rock Playlist April 2010 – This is another good one you might not have heard of before. Sometimes posts more than 1 song from a single artist. Smaller playlist than the others(about 46 tracks), so faster to download usually. Nice alternative. (UPDATE: This torrent simply went away, still not sure why. The others are there. Will update with info when I get it)

Indie69 Indie Rock Pop Playlist April 2010 – Some guy(?) with a playlist. Delusions of grandeur, thinks he’s special. Is not. Don’t bother. It’s a mess. Mixes old Journey and Foreigner with Coldplay , Nickleback and new age music. Tries to pass it off as new. FAIL! Probably is old lady working for the RIAA.

Those are the monthly playlists that are staying current. There are others, I’m sure. And someone named Samy (a friend of Dakradha’s) makes a nice seasonal one with a lot of great tracks not on other playlists.

I’ve always said I think the more of these we have, the better.

This post will self-destruct in a few weeks, probably, in case someone in the biz thinks this is doing bad things to music instead of what it’s really doing.. the best promotion of music since the early days of  MTV.

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