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Indie Music Chatroom (reminder post)

If you look up and a bit to the right, you’ll see a page called “Chatroom”, right next to “about”. It’s really easy to use. I’m posting this reminder because, well, honestly, it’s a friggen ghost town. Now, I cannot guarantee that I’ll be there when you get the chance to stop by, but on that page you’ll find times I WILL be there. And if more and more people stop in, I will expand those times. But I’ll never be around chatting as often as I used to chat. I’ve found out that I just cannot healthily commit to that much of my time, no matter the rewards. (oh, I know.. whine moan.. whine.. whine) And MY presence is not necessary for it to become a great place to be(obviously). I just imagine in my little brain that the people who come here and actually read these posts are most likely a little less douchey than the people you’d run into on the larger network’s music chat channels.

And who knows, maybe if you stop in the night before the first of the month, say around 10pm pacific time, it’s possible that there could be a special link there for a direct download of something you usually download slowly on the first. 😉


And once I figure out what the server’s rules are considering file serving bots, I will set up a script after switching back to mIRC to automagically upload files and allow you to browse a sort of earlybird folder featuring new tracks being considered for the playlist every month. Should be fun and very easy to use. I’ve done it before, but I’ll have to go back to the shed for a bit and brush up on my scripting skill-set. If you can even call it that.  I probably will not have this set up until the end of April, to be realistic. And if there are any sharp script-folks familiar with mIRC scripting or knows of a great file server script for mIRC, leave a comment or e-mail me at indiesixtynine@gmail.com (not indie69.. indiesixtynine.. very important difference).

Hope to chat with you soon. I will need OPs for the channel as it grows, so let me know if you have experience with this and we’ll discuss it.

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