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PT Walkley – New EP (stream entire EP)


PT Walkley - What'sWhat (EP cover art)

I was shocked today to check my inbox and find a new PT Walkley EP waiting for me to listen to. I was shocked again when I heard it! Did I hear a bit of an 80’s vibe? Maybe even some specific, 80’s Dave Edmunds-Nick Lowe-Jeff Lynne vibes? Normally this kind of stuff bugs me, the 80’s stuff, but these tracks POP and I’m getting a bit of a crush on them. All three of the tracks are in Ed Burns’ new movie, “Nice Guy Johnny” about a young talk radio guy facing a crisis. I know nothing about the period of the film. If it’s set around the early-80s, they have a spot-on soundtrack for the thing.  But don’t dismiss this as nostalgia, it’s more than that. It sounds great, big and loud. The songs are top notch and it feels current. Lots of artists try to capture what he’s masterfully captured here. It sounds like the real deal. And very, very catchy.

You can stream the whole thing here:

PT Walkley – What’s What (and with flashgot.. one could.. if one were so inclined.. listen later on one’s mp3 player)

or BUY IT! it’s worth it and only 5 bucks.

And while you’re there, stream his last album, which is fantastic, here. It’s very different from the above, absolutely. But it’s great!

I received permission from the artist to torrent that album, but I have to actually get to DOING it. So watch for that soon. As well as perhaps an mp3 post or 2 from this new EP when I get specific permission for that as well.

(none of the above links or any links on my blog are affiliate links, ever)


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