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Tummelvision – Netcast-Podcast Review


always seems to get the best of me

I stumbled onto Tummelvision by accident one day popping in on the TWIT chatroom and live stream on a Thursday, as I often do randomly. The people in that chatroom, by the way, have to be the nicest large chatroom group of people I’ve ever encountered. Helpful, friendly, welcoming, not kick-ban-happy, knowledgeable, diverse and just generally smart and funny. A little rare, if you ask me. But enough about them for now, as great as they are. This Tummelvision show was a real shock of a discovery. The hosts (Deborah Schultz,Heather Gold,Kevin Marks) and guests were amazing, sharp people with the gift of gab. So there I was in the chatroom commenting on the subject being discussed when out of no-where, I hear my nickname mentioned on the show itself. Wow! Quick ego-injection aside, this show was not only keeping track of the chatroom, they were interacting with it! After a short time, I became aware that if they didn’t interact with the chatroom/community, it would have been near hypocrisy. See, the show is about community, in a way. And community-building.

.It’s about a little more than just being the “life of the party”. In this context it can be more about community-building, even if the community is temporary or brief.  Or consider perhaps just connection-making. Was there someone who introduced Jobs to Wozniak? Or maybe just placed them in the same room?And will history record that person’s name? Probably not. But Tummelvision could make a go of ensuring the next person who makes that kind of momentous connection at least gets a mention here and there, if not some deserved credit.



  1. An employee – usually male** – of a Catskill Mountains resort charged with the duty of entertaining guests throughout the day by providing any number of services, from comedian to master of ceremonies.
  2. A lively, puckish man.

In this time of “Social Media Gurus”, which are as common as fleas, only more annoying, intrusive and difficult to get rid of*,  it could be easy to group these people with the self-proclaimed gurus. (not that there is another kind of guru, if you’re really honest with yourself and others***) This could not be further from the truth in this case. These people actually have knowledge and information of value to share, AND actually share it weekly on their show. The hosts have experience and demonstrate their abilities each week, with proof visible in the chatroom itself and how it’s integrated with the show. It’s not a tease, a come-on or a half-baked scam. This is the real deal.

Now, any time you start to talk about technique or rules, methods or sciences when it comes to social interaction, you will meet with a lot of resistance/distrust. Why? Well, you probably already sense why a bit on your own. But no matter how rules-based or technique-based social interactions (that are a success) are, we’d all like to feel as though it’s all natural and instinctual. Applying technique immediately brings to mind, for some, a feeling of disingenuousness or even plain deception. But when we approach social interaction with that kind of almost dogma-like attitude, we’re kind of lying to ourselves. It may feel natural, but in reality we have our very own internalized techniques and rules. We’re just so used to applying them internally, they feel natural. They are in fact as much or as little based on nature than what this show talks about every week. And if you can get past this initial prejudice, the show has a lot to offer anyone, whether you’re a professional tummler or just a casual one throwing a party for friends. And who knows, maybe the next Jobs and Woz are coming to your little party because you thought to yourself.. hey.. “these guys should meet!”. Except this time, you can put a name to what you’ve done (although I must note Tummeling is more than just introductions, from my beginner’s exposure to the world of Tummelers) and maybe take some credit for it.

Bottom line? This is a great, fun show to watch or watch and interact with. And learn from.

You can catch the show Thursdays live HERE on the TWIT live network as well as archived HERE. And, well, get Tummeling!

(also.. Leo.. get this show on the network officially as part of the main line-up. it’s a winner)



***There are two kinds of guru. One proclaims himself as one and has at least one respected follower. The other is self-proclaimed with few if any followers. The difference between the two is negligible except for the respect tossed in the direction of the first because of the reputation of his follower(s). Both usually claim to have secret knowledge and rarely deliver anything of non-obvious value. Both are, as noted, self-proclaimed and typically have no accomplishments beyond their self-proclamation as gurus. All of the above, it would seem, love Twitter and treat it as a “whoever dies with the most followers wins” game. One step away from garden-variety spammer.

**Surprising, eh?

*And “itchy”

Definition of Tummler from Wiktionary

Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/perfectance/4311873377/

Creative Commons – Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic


  1. tatiana
    March 29, 2010 at 9:06 pm

    Hello from Argentina! I have found your article on askjeeves. Amazing content! Dana J. White x

  2. April 20, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    Indie – thanks for your support. We are so happy that you stumbled onto the show and took the time two write about us. The definitions aout there on what a tummler is are few and far between – the standard Catskill tummler was an MC and warmed up the audience. The word also means to “catalyze others to action” – I love this one. It also relates how we use the word – vis-a-vis the art of social engagement both online and off! Hope you stick with us!! Thanks again – D

    more at tummelvision.tv!

  1. August 12, 2010 at 11:16 am

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