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Using Juice to Subscribe to the Playlist (an idea)

Way back in the early months of podcasting, I actually set up a way for podcasters to upload their audio files directly to what was then called Azureus, using the same folder AnalogX Simple Server WWW was using for it’s main directory. All on a simple windows XP box. And since most of the podcatchers people were using at the time (mainly the people I knew were using what is now called Juice) had early support for bittorrent, people could do all their RSS stuff, upload the file to my server (creating a torrent and tracking it automagically) and the bittorrent swarm would take care of all their bandwidth other than the tiny torrent file itself. It was a bit like magic, in my eyes. I was actually a bit shocked that I was able to duct tape the whole thing together. Then when it was clear iTunes would not be supporting bittorrent… probably.. ever.. and it was also obvious that iTunes had become the podcatcher of choice, I abandoned the little project. Which brings us to now.

I wonder. I wonder if I could set something up so that using WordPress or some other feed service like feedburner (I’m really behind on this stuff, so I’m not even sure I’m looking in the right places) so that someone who chooses to still use Juice for podcatching could grab the playlist torrent every month and have it start downloading with no other action other than subscribing. I’m wondering how good something like that would be for the swarm itself. How long does Juice seed? (something about that sounded dirty, huh?)

Is this even a good idea? Is it something anyone would want to try? I’m not even sure WordPress would accept the file type. And if so, would Juice see it as an enclosure from this blog’s RSS feed? Does anyone know? Would anyone be into the idea of helping me test it out? I’ve toyed a bit with the idea of using rapidshare and services like that to send the playlist along to people I know or people I keep in e-mail/twitter contact with. But each time I start thinking of that, I remember that it has a negative effect on the potential torrent swarm AND then some company somewhere is making money off the playlist. And that kind of bugs me a lot. This would be a way to help get this music out to people in another way without re-commercializing it. The artists deserve any money that comes from their music’s exposure. Not me, or some company somewhere that did nothing but provide bandwidth. So, here’s another quick poll…

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