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New Doyle And The Fourfathers track (free download)

Doyle and the FourFathers

Doyle and the FourFathers

I was a weird little kid. I liked 60s brit-pop music, German electronic music from the 70s and prog. All those years of listening to that stuff made my ears keen to the disingenuous and the fake. When I first heard this track yesterday, I had no idea what I was in for. From the first note of the horn to the familiar bass line, tambourine hit and the *skick* of the guitar, I could feel where it was going and I was instantly in love with it. There’s a bit of early Scott Walker / Walker Brothers grandiose in the music and William Doyle has improved his voice significantly, adding power, some Pulp flourishes and a tiny smidgen of Robyn Hitchcock, post-adenoid-surgery.(William Doyle can now add “works well with others” to his resume, as this is a marked improvement) But most of all it has a sincere, mature pop sensibility that would make Burt Bacharach stand up and take notice. I didn’t for a second feel that discomfort I sometimes feel when I hear music that is blatantly nostalgic, like I’m eavesdropping on a hack magician while he sneaks into a master magician’s dressing room to steal his tricks. I had this track on repeat last night for about 30 minutes straight. Why? Maybe I thought there was a way to figure out how they had captured this insane magic they pulled off, but to no avail. This music is all their own. And while you can hear the influences, this is solid original songwriting and performance.  During that first listen, on headphones, I could visualize the studio of a French pop TV show from the 60s, complete with 60s hipster mod audience in the round, some sitting on the floor with a graying older host dressed to the beatnik nines. But don’t let that image fool you. This is NEW music and it sounds as new as it sounds classic.

So now get it yourself, give it a listen, fall in love and spread it! Blog it, share it and let them know what you think.. HERE

This is my first blog post with a downloadable mp3 since the upgrade and I’m so proud to have this track be the first. Thanks, William, for letting me give it away first.

Doyle_and_the_FourFathers-What_Else_Are_We_To_Do (Feb 2010) (right-click-save-as)

This should be the first of many mp3 posts, so keep your eyes open for more from other artists as well as hopefully another sample or two from Doyle and the Fourfathers.

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