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Indie69 Feb 2010 1 Year Anniversary Playlist Released

Indie69 Feb 2010

Indie69 Feb 2010 alternate cover art

Yes, it’s been a year since I released the very first Indie 69 playlist – torrent. It was a direct response to learning that Criznittle was stopping production on his seminal Indie Rock Playlist. I used to say to myself that if he’d return at some point, I’d stop. But I’ve come to realize that over the last year I’ve grown to love doing it. I’ve always loved discovering music and being challenged with new sounds and new styles. This has been my opportunity to express that love and share it. And I’m very grateful that so many people have decided to come along with me over the last year and make those discoveries with me. It’s been a little rocky at times. Here and there (especially discovering new music from the SXSW torrents that turned out to be *ahem*.. not so new.. as in 2007 in some cases) I’ve labeled things as new that were very much NOT new, but clearly new to me. I’ve experimented with themes, pushed styles that would surely tick off the average hipster and just generally had a whole bong-load of fun. (minus the actual bong) And feedback, criticisms, support and generosity (of time and enthusiasm, much more valuable than money) has been more than I’d ever hoped for when I started. It may sound kind of funny, but it’s the criticism that I’ve enjoyed the most. See, when I put these things together, I keep not just my own tastes in mind, but yours as well. When the final playlist hits my mp3 player each month, it is only briefly 69 tracks. I whittle it down every day and what I end up with is probably closer to about 20. And sometimes, it’s those tracks that didn’t impress me that much the first couple of listens that remain sticky and stay on my player for months. ( it does not help that I have a 2 gig player, sadly)So when you tell me ___ sucked and it didn’t belong, it gives me an idea what’s working for all of you and what’s not. Not that I ALWAYS listen (hey, brah, how could you leave out the new John Mayer?).

Last month, I tried to release the playlist early to friends and it somehow messed up my ability to upload to a few sites. Not being able to upload to certain sites really reduces the playlist’s exposure, which is bad because as many people as possible should be hearing this music. I will not be doing that again. I also learned that including the m3u playlist file in the same folder as the mp3s creates some issues with iTunes. So from now on it will be in a separate folder along with extras, wallpapers and alternate cover art. (thanks again, Blalock)

This month’s music is culled from blogs, direct uploads/submissions by e-mail and snail-mail CDs. Check the main menu of my blog above the main image for a link to my “Dropbox” to make it easier for artists to upload their music for consideration. (and if you’d like to donate an “upgrade”, it’s the ONLY compensation I’ll accept… for the blog OR for the dropbox account only)

So, go grab this month’s playlist at all the regular haunts, or click right.. about… HERE. (and SEED)

For more musical options, there are a lot of others doing this kind of thing and you can find quite a few of them HERE at Blalock’s site. There’s even a community playlist (and a community) that you’ll love. And a nice interview with Joe from Broadcast 2000.  Cannot wait to hear that new album. (that’s where I got the last-minute Broacast 2000 track, in fact. what a great surprise!)

Enjoy it, it took a lot more sweat this time around but it was worth it. And I always appreciate your comments.


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