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Indie69 Open Tandoori Chicken Salad


WTF? (seahorse chatroom)

Huh? A recipe ? WTF? Yeah. Well, expect the unexpected from me. This is a fine, tasty and quick chicken salad. For those of you who eat no meat, I hear it goes well with marinated(try marinating it with the celery, tandoori spice and some red wine), diced and pan-fried extra firm tofu as well. And I will try that someday, but YMMV. I call it “open” because I invite anyone to share, reproduce, remix or improve it. But if you plan to sell it, I want my cut!! So here it is. I’m not used to doing this type of thing, so if you see something missing, bad advice or just general nonsense I could have avoided, let me know in the comments.

Indie69 Open Tandoori Chicken Salad ( a lowered sodium salad)

Double Batch: Enough to serve 4, 2 if it’s a huge hit. It is in my house and goes away quickly.


Canned, diced chicken: 2 lg cans.

Diced, roasted green chiles.:2 cans

Diced tomatoes: Canned or fresh diced: 1 lg can I use no salt added, organic canned tomatoes.

Diced celery: Dice the crap out of ’em or leave bigger chunks if you love the texture.

Honey: Just a sm amount, maybe 1/4 ts, I use blackberry honey from OR.

Tandoori Spice: I use 1/2 ts. Pretty easy to find in specialty markets and some supermarkets. (prob. whole foods will have)

Black Pepper: barely a pinch

Curry Powder: barely a pinch

Mayo: 6 full Tablespoons.(varied, add to taste/texture desired)

Drain the cans of diced chicken. Rinse with water to reduce sodium several times. Do the same with the diced chiles and tomatoes. Drain the HELL out of them. You do not want a soggy, ugly salad. Place in large bowl. Add all spices and celery as well as the honey. Mix well but mix less if you want something that can be eaten on a bed of lettuce rather than on a sandwich or crackers. ( I use saltines without salted tops) Place in fridge, optionally, for 20 minutes to let the flavors sink in. Add the mayo and it’s ready to serve. I enjoy it best with the cracker of your choice. I like the saltines without the salted tops, but I’m sure many crackers would go well with this.  I’ve tried it with canned green peppers and tomatoes, the kind where it’s mixed 1/2 and 1/2 both. But I like it better this way as the roasted green chiles just taste better. It’s an amazing lowered-sodium snack or meal and tastes even better the next day.  The hardest specific ingredients to find are the blackberry honey from Oregon (any honey will do) and the tandoori spice powder. It can be made with just the curry powder, but I think it’s just not as good. Enjoy and feel free to make it better.

Image source:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/torley/3377722796/

Creative Commons- Attribution Share Alike Generic 2.0

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