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Indie 69 January 2010 Playlist released.

But.. but.. it’s not 2010 yet!! Of course it’s not, grasshopper. But in Indie69 land (a portion of my brain to the left of my pineal gland), it is! There are a LOT of great tracks this month and I’m not even sure where to begin.  I had some issues with sending the playlist torrent out early to a few people. A certain database assumed it’d already been uploaded due to this and rejected it. As a result, it almost ruined it for anyone who keeps track of my releases on this particular site manually/searching  or through RSS. I had to change some files and re-up it with an odd name and edit it after uploading. It was messy. So now there are two versions of the torrent. One that came out early on about 25 different sites and one that came out a little later (today). In any case, it should be a breeze to find using google or any torrent search engine. Just be sure to indicate indie69 or indie 69 january (or jan) 2010, not 2009. Search away and look at the file list to see the list of tracks this month. And if you love the tracks, consider buying them from the artists or your favorite legit site/indie record store.

I’ve decided that I’m doing something special for the Feb 2010 playlist to celebrate my one year anniversary. Instead of 69 tracks, it’ll be a whopping DOUBLE sized playlist at 138 tracks!! I have my work cut out for me and yes, I’ve already started. If you want your tracks considered, click on “about” for info on where to send the tracks.  I listen to and consider all tracks and ALL genres.  Unless you’re Nickleback. Fuck you, Nickleback. (I guess that’s kinda mean)

Happy New Year everyone. Let’s make 2010 a year to remember.

Here’s the text from the NFO file in the torrent:

Well, 2009 was a hoot, eh?
Ok, that’s over with now, so we can move on.

This month’s playlist kicks off with something from 2009, technically. I presented Another Day On Earth’s new album a few days ago. He produced a song a day , every day in 2009 and the self-titled album debut is his selection of what he felt were the best tracks. I’m still really hoping we get a complete archive of every track. Not everyone who likes the album is going to want it, but I do. And I’m sure others will get a thrill listening to all 365 tracks once Dec comes to a halt and the year is officially over. The track I picked as the best of the album was “messy love”, which just grinds along like a sweet ride from the 90s gliding on a concept album from the 70s while halfway through a wormhole to the future. In a basement, while pointing and laughing at the 80’s peculiarly tiny knees.

You can also find a download link on my blog:

https://indie69.wordpress.com/  (*you are HERE)

(how’s that for more of that high-falutin’ critic-speak?)

If you like the track, I bet you’ll love the album and if you search, you can find it on pretty much any torrent site. WITH the artist’s permission AND participation. Just search for “another day on earth” self titled.

Another find from Twitter this month comes from Andrew P, rapper, producer and musician from Vegas. I listened to a few of his tracks and this one hit me, really stuck with me and I was humming it for days. Nice raw, real hip-hop that deserves more attention. Demands it.


There are a lot of the tracks that popped up all over Dec here, the obvious ones like the new Jonsi (which is REALLY good). But I think I missed a lot of tracks as well because I worked on most of this in early Dec coming right off the Best of 2009 playlist.

I finally joined up at Blalock’s site, which is a really well designed community with tons of ways to interact. (even a user-created playlist that starts over every time it reaches 100 tracks.. very cool)


You will see a few tracks this month that were technically out a while ago, but as they just popped up on my radar, I assume at least a few of you have not heard them. If you have, give them another listen. You may have missed something. I’ve come to accept that sometimes I’ll get the “newness” wrong about a track. It happens, will happen and is almost impossible for *me* to completely avoid. (The Dessa track is even technically late 2008) Hidden Cameras’ “In the Na” obviously.. not exactly released this month. But damn that track came back and kicked me squarely in the nuts.

But I think this playlist is a great one to start the new year in spite of my fairly regular but small goofs.

As always, if you make music yourself, get it to me!! You can e-mail tracks to


(one at a time if they are large, send a link if it’s a whole album or chat me up for alternatives such as snail mail)

All I ask is that the music be new or very recent/your latest. If you want help releasing your music to the world of bittorrent, I have help files and am willing to help. Free, of course. Always. For the music and nothing else. I like to put my effort where my mouth is instead of just yapping about how things need to change. I’m willing to put myself out there to help artists reach a file sharing audience. And the audience is HUNGRY, so use me.

I also love feedback, constructive or destructive. Postive or negative. I can learn from anything. And starting with this playlist, if you e-mail me I will send you the torrent early. Sometimes a few days early. Before it’s in the wild. (EDIT: not sure about this anymore, but we’ll see) All I ask is that you seed for a little while. At least long enough for a few people to get all the files on the day of release.

In Feb, I’ll have done these playlists every month for a year. Does NOT seem like that long.

I LOVE this month’s cover. Funny story… I had this whole thing done and I had written “Indie69 Jan 2009” on the cover. Even posted it to twitter (@indie69). L O L

What year is it again?

Happy Holiday Season to each and every one of you. I hope your new year is the best so far and I sincerely wish love and happiness upon you and everyone you care about.

Cover Art:


Creative Commons.


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