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Another Day On Earth – Self-Titled(2009) Indie69 Exclusive

Another Day On Earth album cover

Cover for Another Day On Earth - Self-Titled

I found Another Day On Earth a little late in the game. It was kind of a twitter accident of sorts. Here was a guy recording a song a day, for the entire year of 2009. There’s no way the songs could be good, right? So like a lookie-lou at a car crash, I had to see for myself. And I was shocked to find that not only were the songs good, some were in fact GREAT. They were energetic, spontaneous and creative.

Here, Lawrence has collected the tracks he liked the most and presented it as an album.  (representing only January through September) And it works. As an album AND as a testament to the power of creativity within a framework of specific constraints.

Although the tracks here DO represent some of the best tracks, be sure to check out his site(s). There are a LOT of great tracks left out of this collection that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. ( a few have made it to my Indie69 playlists, including the Jan 2010 playlist ) And if you love the album as much or more than I do, consider paying a bit for it.  His paypal address is lawrencebonk@hotmail.com .

I’m honored that I was allowed to participate in the release of this collection, even if only in a very small way.  We have another artist to watch here, another promising future to anticipate. It’s been a blast following along with his daily releases, even though I missed a ton. It is my hope (hint hint) that he somehow manages to collect the entire archive and make it available at some point.  And with that I proudly present to you, Another Day On Earth, the album, 2009.

It can be found at all the major torrent sites and search engines, or directly here at TPB:

TORRENT Download page at TPB
All tracks, 192kbps, 44khz Encoded by iTunes.
Cover embedded.

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